Welcome to the Hafenskipper manual

Do all your docking maneuvers skillfully and let everyone admire you. In this document you find basic information on the ship and engine types and the ships available in the Hafenskipper-App. You are introduced to the basic information on how to maneuver in the harbor and you will get an explanation of the harbor maneuvers you can train with the app. You can also download the manual as a pdf document. Hafenskipper is your app to train to dock your boat and try out harbor maneuvers safely.


Chapter 1 – Types of Boats and Their Characteristics

Chapter 2 – Harbor Information

Chapter 3 – Maneuvering in the Harbor

Chapter 4 – Free Running Mode

Chapter 5 – The Bay

Chapter 6 – Technical notes

Disclaimer: Even though we hope the examples in the document and the app are very instructive and helpful, they do not replace boating lessons and a professional training. To learn how to drive a boat, please contact a sailing or motorboat school.

Have a lot of fun on the following pages.

Best wishes, your Hafenskipper crew


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