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Dock and Maneuver your Boat in the Harbor

Maneuvering your ship in close quarters can be a challenge and must be trained well. Hafenskipper simulates harbor maneuvers under power. Train maneuvers easily and safely. Use Hafenskipper to get a good understanding of the ship dynamics.

As an experienced driver you can train specific maneuvers. As a beginner you can practice the basics for the driving exam and get prepared for the next driving lesson.

Always dock your ship perfectly and train to do it with the Hafenskipper app!

New: Dock and maneuver your boat with the new Hafenskipper 2 app!

Your Mission

– Maneuver the ships safely through the harbor
– Dock the ship at the pier and park in the box
– Choose one of the 12 training levels or drive around freely
– Complete one level successfully to unlock the next level


+Realistic physics simulation
+6 ship types: Boat with outboard engine, motorboat, small dinghy, sailing yacht with engine, twin engine yacht, catamaran
+12 training levels
+2 free running modes with optional wind simulation and mooring

Screenshot: Dock the boat in the Hafenskipper app    Screenshot: park the boat in the slip within Hafenskipper app

Train to dock and maneuver a boat with Hafenskipper

Get Hafenskipper on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store today. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 10 Phones / Tablets:

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