Train with Hafenskipper on iOS, Android and Windows on phones and tablets. And there are two more ways to work with Hafenskipper.

6.1       Keyboard Control on Windows

If you chose the Windows version of Hafenskipper, you can control steering wheel and throttle with your keyboard.

6.1.1        Steering With Keyboard

6.1.2        Control Single Engine Throttle With Keyboard

The motorboat, dinghy and sailing yacht have one engine. You can control the single engine ships with the following keys:

6.1.3      Control Twin Engine Throttles With Keyboard

The motoryacht and the sailing catamaran have two engines. You can operate the two engines jointly or separately with these keys:

6.2       Gamepad Control on Windows

On Windows you can also use a gamepad to control steering and throttle. The gamepad needs to be in the XInput mode.

6.2.1        Gamepad Control of Single Engine Ships

6.2.2        Gamepad Control of Twin Engine Ships

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Best wishes, your Hafenskipper crew.