You’ve already mastered the free running level and you are looking for a new challenge? Then you might be ready for “The Bay” (available from Version 1.2.)

In the bay level you can dock and moor the ship as you used to in the free running level. Additionally, you can moor at the buoys and anchor everywhere in the bay.


5.1        Anchoring

Approach the position to drop the anchor, preferably from down wind and stop the ship. Then touch the ship and the green anchor symbols are shown together with the boat cleats. Swipe from the ship to the anchor symbol to drop the anchor.

motor yacht anchoring
Figure: Anchor symbols appear when you touch the ship

Go into reverse to lay out the anchor chain. At first, the anchor winch is unlocked, so the chain will be veered out as you go. You need to lay out a sufficient length of anchor chain so the anchor will dig into the ground and hold the ship at its position.

Sailing yacht with unlocked anchor winch
Figure: Sailing yacht with unlocked anchor winch

When you have laid out enough anchor chain, lock the anchor chain by pressing the anchor symbol on the ship. Slowly go reverse so the anchor can dig into the ground. You can read the orientation of the anchor from the anchor symbol.

Lock the anchor chain by clicking the symbol on the boat
Figure: Lock the anchor chain by clicking the symbol on the boat

To weigh the anchor, simply press the anchor symbol outside the boat. In reality, you would need to first drive towards the anchor position and then lift the anchor.


5.2        Mooring at the buoys

You can also dock the ship at the mooring buoys and at the pier. The mooring buoys can be used in the same way as the cleats on the pier. There is no exact simulation of mooring lines at the pier as the whole fun can only be experienced on a real boat dragging the rope out of the water and attaching it at one of the boat’s front cleats.

Sailing yacht anchoring

Sailing yacht anchoring

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