In the free running mode, you can try all maneuvers as you like. There is no time limit and the speed limit is not enforced.

4.1        Wind

Within the free mode, you can enable wind by moving the cloud symbol. Move the cloud into the direction into which the wind shall blow.

The further you pull the cloud, the stronger the wind blows. The strength of the wind is shown on the cloud in knots.

4.2       Water current

In the free harbor mode, you can also adjust the water current. (From version 1.4) The further you pull the wave symbol from the center position, the higher the water current. You can set a maximum current velocity of 4.0 kt.

4.3       Mooring

Mooring is available from Hafenskipper version 1.1 in the free running mode. That means you can practise docking the ship with wind present.

Touch the boat to activate the cleats, drag the rope from the cleat on the ship to the cleat on the pier.

Drag the line from the ship to the cleat on the pier
Figure: Drag the line from the ship to the cleat on the pier


Ship is fixed
Figure: Ship is fixed

To untie the ship press the cleat on the pier.

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