2.1        Rules and Advice

When ships under engine meet, the ship that has the other ship on the right side gives way. If possible and not declared otherwise, you should always drive on the right side of a waterway.

Always respect the speed limit that is given in your harbor. In your Hafenskipper harbor, 2.5 knots are allowed. (We were able to increase the speed limit to 3.0 knots from version 1.1) In every case, you need to always adjust the speed to the circumstances and that means: You need to always be able to stop the ship in front of any other object that might appear in your way.

Note: Before you enter a harbor with your ship, you should inform yourself whether the depth of the water is sufficient for the draft of your ship. In the Hafenskipper harbor the depth of the water is always sufficient.

Especially in the harbor, you can get into a situation where the distance to the pier or other boats is no longer sufficient for maneuvering. The ship is propelled and steered at the stern but it turns around the center of gravity, so the bow and stern pivot out. If the distance to the pier is no longer sufficient, the boat can not be maneuvered and without help you don’t get out of the situation. The only countermeasure is look ahead driving to avoid those situations.

2.2        Harbor map

Here you can see the harbor map and the map of the Hafenskipper bay.

Help Boating: Harbor map of Hafenskipper




2.3        Wind and water current

The first 10 Hafenskipper exercises are designed for ideal weather conditions without wind and currents. With the new two exercises “Docking with Wind” wind with a specific direction and strength is given. Within the free training mode, you can try any maneuver with wind and water current freely configurable.

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