New Hafenskipper Version Released

We have added a highly requested feature. Now you can set wind and current easier and more precise in the free running modes. To train the docking maneuvers you want to be able to set wind and current precisely and reproducibly. Now you can do that: Touch the cloud or water symbol and a new control opens to set direction and strength like you never could before.

Happy training! Your Hafenskipper Crew

New Version Released!


good news everyone! A new version of Hafenskipper is released for iOS, Android and Windows. You will find a new sailing yacht added with left handed propeller and prop walk.

Have fun practicing, your Hafenskipper crew.

New version 1.5 released

The new Hafenskipper Version 1.5 is now available in the App Store. You can train parking the ships in a slip having cross wind with one new level. Version 1.5 offers you a setting to train your maneuvers with up to 20 kt wind in the free running modes.

Happy training with the new version 1.5 of Hafenskipper. Your Hafenskipper Crew.